From Counterculture to Pop Culture: The Acceptance of Tattoos in Society

Posted on May 24 2017 - 2:24pm by Admin

Tattoo artist workingHistorically – and for hundreds of years – tattoos were either tribal rites of passage or emblems worn only by followers of anti-establishment sects. Up until the 90’s, tattoos seemed inseparable from counter cultural ideas, as well as dangerous associations, such as drugs and sexual liberation. But, change came in the most ironic way when tattoos burst onto mainstream culture.

Acceptance of Tattoos in Society

People once thought of tattoos as an intimate secret to be concealed during job interviews, but now flaunt these pieces of ink creations like a new pair of jeans. Public perception of body art, however, did not change overnight. It progressed at the same pace that a generation started embracing and unapologetic ideas of individuality and liberal views.

The growing acceptance of tattoos in communities has also opened doors for artists to the extent that tattooing is now not only an art form, but also a profitable industry. Through apprenticeships at prominent tattoo studios and a bit of self-promotion, artists can make a name for themselves while honing their skills.

The Role of Celebrities

Much as it is in the fashion realm, celebrities have also been a major force in the evolution of tattoos; so much so that in Los Angeles, a good Hollywood tattoo artist can earn celebrity status for inking a famous person. And artists in LA benefit from the tight-knit tattoo community in the area – a plus side to the growing popularity of tattooing.

Erasing Social Stigma

Not only did society once regard tattoos as taboo, it also frowned upon the process as a health violation. But, the attempts to control or suppress the art of tattooing only served, it would seem, to fuel the public’s interest. In recent times, this increasing demand for tattoos has led to stricter health regulations and innovations. Safety practices, methods, and products are now more sophisticated, and awareness of these has also increased, in the past years.

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A Millennial Touchstone

Getting tattooed as a form of self-expression is a supposed touchstone for Generation Y-ers. In fact, Millennials make up much of the tattoo community. Nearly 40% of Millennials in the U.S. alone are inked. Experts note that this generation has played a significant role in reinventing body art.

Tattoos are permanent, but stereotypes about body art are certainly fading; and, as standards of excellence continue to rise and tattooing becomes all the more acceptable, this trend won’t be disappearing anytime soon.