Facts You Need to Know if You Want to Learn Reiki

Posted on Sep 16 2017 - 1:00am by Admin

Woman meditating in the morningReiki can be easily learned by anyone regardless of age or the state of one’s current health. Even kids and the elderly can learn Reiki.

Here are facts to note if you are interested in studying Reiki:

Know the benefits of Reiki

Reiki is simple to learn. The principles of Reiki can be taught in as little as ten hours. One need not have any background in healthcare or bio-energy.

The healing effects of Reiki can be applied to others or yourself. Reiki that is applied to the self provides limitless opportunities to decrease one’s stress, restore balance, and experience wellness.

Reiki provides a wealth of beneficial healing effects. It has also been shown to benefit those suffering from asthma, diabetes, fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, heart disease, and depression.  Animals can similarly benefit from Reiki.

Know the three levels of Reiki

Reiki can be learned from a Reiki master. Reiki masters at Vagabond Temple teach a Reiki healing course and all its three levels. Each level builds on the other with self-treatment as the foundation of all the levels.

The first level of Reiki can be learned for approximately twelve hours. This level allows students to share Reiki with others as well as self-heal using hand-to-body contact.

The second level is distant healing. Students mentally connect with their subject when touch is not possible.

The third level allows students to become a Reiki master. This level is strictly by invitation only and is given to students who are ready to dedicate their lives to practicing Reiki.

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All in all, though Reiki can be learned by taking classes, it needs to be developed through constant practice on a non-intellectual level. Only taking classes will not make you a Reiki master. It needs heartfelt dedication whether practicing it on your self or others. Learning Reiki will support your overall well being.