Essentials of Breathing Exercises for Successful Meditation

Posted on Sep 7 2016 - 6:41pm by Admin

Meditation RetreatMany people are imprisoned within themselves. Some are always caught in a whirlwind of thoughts, which prevent them from experiencing contentment and peace. When we are always preoccupied, we limit the extent by which we can expand our options.

Do you feel constrained and frustrated? Are you always on alert, ready to fight or flight when you find yourself in a conflicted state? Perhaps, it is time to consider an alternative state of mind. Meditation can free your mind from thoughts that imprison it.

The key to meditation

There are different forms of meditation. If you are interested in the practice, you can fully immerse in a 10-day meditation retreat and come out a changed person. One of the basic tenets that tie these approaches together is controlled breathing. “Be mindful of your breathing.” That is one of the first instructions you will receive when you are ready to seek a peaceful and relaxed mental state. Minding your breathing pattern not only prepares your mind for the stillness of meditation. Controlling your breath also influences your body functions, such as for instance, blood pressure, and levels of stress hormones.

Breathe as the object of concentration

When you start focusing on breathing you will become aware that the mind tends to flit from one thought to another. Developing breathing awareness is the first step in fostering the discipline of concentration. Once you gain control of your thoughts, you can return your mind to the present moment. When you are “in the moment,” you will start experiencing how rich the present is. By focusing on breathing, you nurture sensitive awareness. In time, you will develop the ability to maintain an alert, still, and relaxed mental state.

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Cultivating mindfulness with your breathing pattern is one of the basic tenets of meditation. Currently, of restlessness and anxiety, you will do well to remember you have the power within yourself to achieve a healthier and more positive state of mind.