Don’t Waste the Pretty: Essential Preparations a Day Before Your Wedding

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 10:05am by Admin

Bridal Hair and MakeupThe day before your big day is almost as important as your actual wedding ceremony. This is the time you get everything ready while you breathe and get yourself together. If you really want to look stunning when the bridal hairdo and makeup is applied tomorrow, here are a few things you need to remember today.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

There is a reason a full slumber is called ‘beauty sleep’. Resting your body refreshes your skin, your face, your hair and your mind, which are all needed to look glowing during the ceremony. Don’t try to put on any overnight facial or hair treatment that requires you to be conscious of your position when you sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is still the best natural treatment you can give yourself.

Prepare Your Touch Up Kit

Never leave your Perth home without it. Make sure you’ve consulted your make-up artist what make up items to bring during your test run just so you know what to pack. Keep the touch up kit in your purse so it would be easy to have it approved by your wedding stylist in Perth when she applies your bridal hair and make-up.


Of course, you would have to use a different moisturiser for your neck and face but don’t forget to make sure your legs, arms and back get pampered too. Focus your moisturising treatment on the parts of your body that would be artfully exposed by your wedding dress.

Detoxify and Hydrate

Try a lemon water detoxifying treatment the night before. If you can do it a week before the big day, then do so. Hydrating and detoxifying your skin encourages cellular repair and gives it a fresher glow. The other benefits such as fresher breath, appetite suppressant and overall health improvement are great bonuses, too.

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But remember, the best way for you to not end up looking stressed on your big day is being able to relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t worry too much and just be the happy bride your groom (and everyone else) expects.