Don’t Stay Home: Why Going Out Relieves Stress Better

Posted on Jan 24 2017 - 7:03am by Admin


There is no excuse for boredom. The hectic pace of life in the city seems to have excuses for stress and the taxing demands of making a living. Indeed, it is worth every second of stress and missed meals to climb the corporate ladder. However, there are those who find out that they would rather live a happy and more fulfilling life than spend all of their energy on building a dream.

Those who have worked a demanding job knows that stress and long hours can take their toll. Whilst there are those who thrive in such toxic work environments, they still are not immune to the price the lifestyle collects in time.

Take a break now and then. Here are some suggestions to recharge:

Do not stay at home during your days off

Be thankful days off have not yet been outlawed. Do not spend them at home if you want to get rid of stress, though. Sleeping through the day is not a healthy answer to your predicament, and you might wake up with a headache and feel no less stressed than you were before you hit the sack. Go out and do something you like.

Challenge yourself to do something new

Get some of that adrenaline pumping. Call your agent and book ski holidays in Val D’isere or a beach holiday in the Maldives, whichever you can afford both with time and money. The more fun you have wherever you go, the quicker your stress will dissolve and you will be ready once again to face work when you return from your holiday. Pick something new or at least something you have always wanted to try. The suspense is part of the joy.

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Surround yourself with positive people

What makes you more miserable when you are already feeling down? People who add to that misery. People at work who share the same feeling and will not stop talking about it. Instead of sharing the negative energy, look for a way to get away from it even for a while. Go out or on holiday with friends you do not work with and who can cheer you up.

Sometimes it is all a matter of perspective. And sometimes, to get your perspective straight, you need to get away from it all.