Developing a Calm and Stable Mind with the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation

Posted on Apr 6 2016 - 8:54am by Admin

Meditating womanWhen you start yoga, it is likely you will be introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is associated with the terms, “alertness,” and “recollection.” Simplified, this approach develops whole body-and-mind awareness of the present moment. The practice develops a person’s non-judgmental regard for his or her own thoughts and actions.

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It is time to stop nurturing a stressful state of being

Every one of us tends to wallow in worries, illusions, and daydreams. In our minds, we are always anticipating things that are going to happen, or recalling events in the past. When we keep up this habit, thoughts pile up and be cannot avoid being judgmental, not only of others but ourselves as well. We have subjective opinions on everything, and we tend to exercise judgment. Sometimes we express them, and sometimes we do not. Either way, we only become more anxious and stressed.

A stable and clear awareness for everyone

With the practice of mindfulness meditation, we can experience the world directly and not through any psychological or mental filters. If you want to let go of the troubles you have been nurturing for a long while, you can embrace this practice now. It helps cultivate a stable and clear awareness, which can ease the pressures of daily living significantly. Not all mental preoccupations are harmful.

However, when our thoughts are always clouded with too many things, we nurture resistance and judgment. This happens in our minds, but also manifests in the way we conduct ourselves around people.

Mindfulness meditation practice promotes calmness and harmony. It is possible to train and shape the mind, make it more attentively present, and free it from unnecessary worry and anxiety. You do not need to subscribe to a religion, or embark on the path to spirituality as a prerequisite to practicing mindfulness meditation. You can start doing it right this very minute.

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