Dental Implants – Look Good and Feel Great

Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 3:25am by Admin

DentistToday, having artificial teeth is popular solution for oral problems. Many patients visit their dentists to get dental implants. So, what makes them choose this kind procedure? Dental implants work, look and feel like a natural set of teeth.

Who should consider implants?

When you have decided to undergo this kind of procedure, your teeth and general oral health should be in excellent condition. This is because sufficient bone in the jaw is required to satisfactorily support the dental implant. You should have healthy gums that are free of any periodontal infection.

Dental implants are intimately connected to the underlying gum and bone tissues. Periodontists like in Richmond handle dental implant procedures not only because of their immense experience, but also adequate training, knowledge and because of high-class facilities.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure is an effort between three people: dentist, periodontist and the patient. You must first consult these two professionals so they can decide where implants should be placed. Depending on the implants, your periodontist will make a treatment based on your needs.

  • Sinus augmentation

The key to best implant procedure is the bone quality and quantity. Usually, the upper back jaw takes challenges in this kind of procedure.

  • Ridge modification

When you have deformities in the upper and lower jaw, this is best treatment for you.

  • Replacing a single tooth

If you have one missing tooth, one implant and a crown will do.

  • Replacing set of teeth

If you are missing several teeth, it will be replaced by implant-supported bridges.

  • Replacing all teeth
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An implant-supported full-bridges or a full denture is best to replace all your teeth.

What to expect?

After the procedure, you will need a regular dental checkup and thorough home oral care.  To keep the implant free from infection, brushing and flossing are required.