Dental Implant Components and Procedure

Posted on Mar 22 2016 - 5:41am by Admin

Dental Implant More and more people with missing teeth are preferring dental implants than traditional bridges and dentures. They may come at a price, but implants are greatly favoured as they mimic the natural look, feel, and function of real teeth. In addition, implants are also more convenient to clean and comfortable to wear, thanks to their permanent, snug fit.

Here is some more valuable information about dental implants:

Strong foundation

Implants are made of bone-like ceramic and metallic materials with properties that are safe, hygienic and compatible with human tissue. The most commonly used material is titanium. These materials are ideal to use, as they can provide a sturdy, stable and long-lasting foundation for your new teeth. As the implants are infused into your jawbone, it needs to adhere well and serve as a durable root.

Good candidates

Not all people can undergo the procedure. This is why patients need to have a thorough dental examination and health check-up first, according to a dental practice in Richmond offering dental implants.

For instance, people with deteriorated jawbone may not be a good candidate for the procedure. Such patients, however, may still get implants by undergoing bone grafting. This may delay having their new replacement teeth, though.

Surgical procedure

You may receive sedation treatment, so you can stay comfortable and relaxed during the surgery. You can choose from various sedation options depending on the level of comfort you prefer and your dentist’s recommendation based on your anxiety level and the length of the procedure.

Healing process

It is normal to experience swollen gums following the procedure. As the treated area starts to heal, you may also feel a little discomfort. It is important to take antibiotics and other medications recommended by your dentist to ease the pain and prevent infection.

With dental implants, you may never have to worry about ill-fitting and occasionally falling dentures again. It will be more comfortable to speak, smile, laugh and eat. It may also be a good way to improve your overall appearance and to look much younger than your age. Know more about implants by visiting a licensed dentist.