Dental Care For Babies: Things You Should Know

Posted on Mar 27 2017 - 2:17pm by Admin

Many parents struggle with the process of keeping their children’s teeth in good Kid having his teeth checked with his mothercondition, and it leads to many problems. These are some of the credible ways to ensure good oral health for toddlers and babies.

A lot could go wrong as your child’s teeth develop, leading to a plethora of dental problems down the line. While some problems are easy to root out with the proper oral care routine, others require the intervention of a dentist. For many parents, having a kids' dentist in Millcreek is one way to ensure that they give the best oral care to their child. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist gives the following suggestions. 

Avoid harmful habits

Lulling your little one to sleep with a bottle might seem like a great idea, but it bears considerable risks. The sugar from milk can remain for hours on tteeth, and can eat away the enamel. It could lead to bottle mouth, a condition characterized by pitted, pocked, or discolored front teeth. In severe cases, the front teeth develop severe cavities that necessitates a removal. Don’t let your child use the bottle for a long time to safeguard the teeth from damage. Rather, you should set aside specific feeding time and minimize the harmful effects.

Espouse proper oral hygiene

Dentists recommend that you should brush your teeth at least twice in a day and have a regular flossing routine. The same case applies to children as young as two years old. For children less than two years, you should make use of an infant toothbrush and a smear of baby toothpaste. Make sure that this toothpaste does not contain flouride. At two years, you can supervise your child's oral care to ensure proper brushing techniques.

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Seek out a specialist

For the best results, you should choose a dental practice that specializes in children’s dental health. Kids' dentists in Millcreek boast the necessary skills and experience treating and dealing with conditions that affect young children. In addition to making toothpaste recommendations, they can seal out decay by applying a layer of resin to teeth. 

It takes considerable effort to keep your child’s teeth healthy and free of cavities. These proven tips can help you keep them clean and healthy with relative ease.