Dealing With The Pain: Toothache Remedies

Posted on Feb 28 2016 - 2:06pm by Admin

Toothache RemediesA severe toothache can definitely ruin your day. And if it gets even worse, you will likely end up sobbing in pain. To effectively manage the pain and discomfort brought by toothache, it pays to learn about what causes it in the first place.

Causes and symptoms of a toothache

In most cases, pain in your tooth is caused by it already being decayed. However, it might also be due to your tooth being broken. Dental professional Mahoney Family Dentistry explains that repetitive movements like grinding teeth and improper eating habits, such as biting food too hard can cause chipping on your teeth, which can be quite painful. Also, if you have tooth fillings, damage on these can also lead to a painful tooth. Lastly, infected gums can also be a culprit.

As for symptoms, apart from the throbbing pain, toothache might also be accompanied by swelling around the affected tooth. There might also be a foul-tasting fluid being released from the tooth. In case of a severe toothache, you might experience a fever.

Dealing with a toothache

If you cannot stand the pain, the first thing to do is to try and lessen it. Here, one of the quickest remedies is to rinse your mouth with saltwater. Put a tablespoon of salt into a cup of boiling water. Gargle the solution for around 30 seconds before spitting out, and then repeat as often as needed. The solution will not only dampen the pain but will also lessen swelling and cleanse your mouth of debris.

Ice is also another quick home remedy that you can use. Put a small ice cube in a plastic bag and wrap it in a piece of cloth. You then place the ice pack over your aching tooth and press for about 15 minutes. Repeat whenever needed. The cold will numb the nerves of the tooth, stopping the pain.

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See your dentist

If pain won’t go away with home remedies, it is then time to see a dentist for prescription. You may need antibiotics in addition to painkillers to kill bacteria around the infected area. After a week of antibiotics, you may need to see your dentist again for checkup. Your tooth may be pulled out or scheduled for a root canal procedure for seriously decayed tooth.

A painful tooth can definitely ruin a day. But, why suffer when you can do somethin to treat or prevent it. Practice proper oral hygiene, floss regularly and visit your dentist at least twice a month to prevent toothache.