De-Stress And Relax By Finding Your Primary Sense

Posted on Dec 23 2015 - 9:02am by Admin

Girl RelaxingYour senses are what makes your body and mind react to stimuli and situations. Are you aware which among your senses stimulate you the most? Because if you do, you can de-stress and relax faster when you focus on your primary sensory point. Try and identify your primary sense using the following as a basis.

Auditory – If you are the kind of person that gets affected by music, someone’s tone of voice or enjoy soothing ambient sounds, then your hearing is your primary sensory foundation. The best way to de-stress yourself is to listen to music on high-fidelity headphones or just listen to someone with a wonderful voice to encourage you over the phone. suggests going to a massage parlor that play soothing ambient music in the background or have a tinkling fountain somewhere on the premises. You can enjoy the background sounds while taking that rejuvenating massage.

Visual – If you like looking at memorable photos and videos or take a walk while watching the trees, then your relaxation is most likely based on your sense of sight. Try to soothe your eyes with dim and restful lighting. Place a potted flowering plant on your work desk. Line your cubicle with happy photos of people you love. And if there’s nothing on hand, use your imagination to enjoy a favored spot with a beautiful view.

Scent – The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have since it triggers the most memories. If you are a person that enjoys incense, fragrant flowers or just the smell of comfort food wafting from the kitchen then you are most likely a sense-of-smell kind of person. If you can manage to visit a place that mists the air with natural freshener, have potpourri or lights scented candles then do so.

If you need to take a walk, have a massage or visit a secret place just to soothe your primary sense then do so. Work is important, but so is de-stressing. After all, relaxation and rest need time and effort, too.