Danger at Home: Asbestos Contamination

Posted on Mar 7 2017 - 12:51pm by Admin

Worker Removing AsbestosAsbestos are minerals in rock formations that send homeowners into a panic. Asbestos used to be a building material in Australia from around the 1940s to the 1980s. Since then, asbestos has been made illegal in the country. Asbestos is very dangerous, so dangerous are the illnesses it can cause when a person is exposed to years of it.

Asbestos at Home

Asbestos is made up of microscopic crystals that can enter even the smallest of airway openings. These crystals can irritate the tissue in your lungs, and they stay there. Human lungs cannot clear them out. Homeowners need to be aware to its extensive use as a building material. Your property may likely contain asbestos if your property was built before the 90s.

Detect Asbestos

Now, if your property was constructed before the 90s, it may contain asbestos in particular places. Asbestos may be found in the kitchen walls, exterior walls, bathrooms, living areas, and other locations. You can hardly discover asbestos just by looking at parts of your home. You should enquire for an asbestos inspection from a Perth asbestos risk management solutions provider.

Asbestos Handling

If you have asbestos around your home you should seek the professional asbestos removalists to remove this from your property. Alternately, you can handle asbestos materials yourself if you are up to the job but before working on it yourself, you first have to assess the scale and nature of the removal.

Protect Yourself

You need to have the appropriate gear when handling asbestos materials. You can wear a respirator to prevent asbestos inhalation. Choose a half-face filter respirator or a disposable twin strap P1 or P2 mask. For your clothing, choose disposable overalls, gloves, and hood or hat. Wear non-slip footwear that has no laces or top fasteners as well.

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If you suspect that asbestos is in your home and want to get it removed contact the appropriate asbestos removal authorities for help with identification and removal.