Culinary Clothes: Trends Say Working in Style is In

Posted on Sep 2 2015 - 1:43am by Admin

chefRestaurant kitchens and chefs were hidden from public view. Kitchen staff didn’t care much for their clothes. Times changed, however, and the trend is to display counters and have open kitchens. In the same way, culinary apparel is changing; chefs choose apparel according to the ambience and theme of their restaurants.

Designed to Protect

Manufacturers of culinary apparel make chefs and cooks appear more street-smart. You may be a chef, whether professionally trained or self-taught, or are aspiring to be one. Before you start your career in the cooking industry, know the  functions of chef’s clothes:

  • Apron – Chefs or cooks always have this piece of clothing. Usually tied around the waist, aprons mostly cover the lower half of your body and protect from stains, spills or burns. Such half-body aprons you will usually see on restaurant chefs. Other cooks, such as the ones in food trucks or pop-up restaurants, wear bib aprons without the chef’s jackets.
  • Pants – To hide stains and protect the legs from hot liquids and foods, chefs and cooks often have black or checked pants. More than offering protection, such pants are also supposed to be durable to stand against the pressure and strain of everyday cooking.
  • Shoes – You may have thought that chefs and cooks wear any pair of shoes they want, but they actually don’t. There are special shoes just for restaurant or commercial cooking. These shoes support the chef’s or cook’s feet, keeping them comfortable throughout the whole workday.

These shoes also keep chefs and cooks from slipping. Even before you start culinary school, buy non-slip shoes as part of your preparation.

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Each article of culinary clothing is important because every item has a different role. Wearing them doesn’t mean you have to look boring, though. With new trends in the culinary apparel market, be a fashionable chef without affecting your ability to cook well.