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WCNR has come far since this site was founded in 2014. We have become a full-fledged news and blog site, thanks to all our contributors and readers. Our whole team is proud of what we have accomplished so far. These achievements, however, are just the first few steps of achieving our objective.

The whole team of WCNR is on a pursuit towards improving the craft of news blogging. We want to expand our reach further and cater to a wider part of the audience. For this, we need your help. Yes, we believe that our readers are the secret to launching our craft to greater heights. This is also our way of showing appreciation to the readers who frequent our website.

So, how can you help us? Feedback would be your best starting point. Every thought that pops in your head could provide us some insight on what we have yet to improve. Whether it is yourburning questions, intriguing comments, or innovative suggestions, we put value in your thoughts as a reader of ours. Our readers are the first people who can clearly single out where improvements are still necessary.

We encourage you to share us your thoughts for this very reason. We have put up a short contact form below, which you can use to get in touch with us. Send us feedback on what we do and we’ll factor in your suggestion when we roll out site-related improvements. Feel free to contact us today with the form below. We’ll respond as soon as one of our representatives gets a hold of your message.

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