Company Christmas Party Ideas for all Ages | Five Christmas Party Ideas for All Ages

Posted on Dec 7 2017 - 7:36pm by Admin

A group of friends partyingYou were sitting comfortably in your chair when a familiar voice calls you. You turn around and see your boss standing behind you. Your boss just broke you the news that you are the organizer of this year’s company Christmas party. You said yes but sunk down your seat, realizing that the party is just three days away.

You ran out of ideas to think of. Here are some of the party ideas that you might want to try out for this year.

Cowboy Theme

Go and make those cowboy invitations on parchment papers. Let your officemates wear cowboy hats in leather or straw. For girls, they may also wear those boots and body-hugging jeans. Go for those pigtails. The boys can wear countryside-inspired costumes.

Christmas Fairy Tale

Let out the inner child in every colleague by letting them wear their favorite fairy tale character. May they be dressed up as Queen Elsa in Frozen or Princess Ariel of Little Mermaid.

Disney Fantasy

Do you want to see Micky Mouse or Donald Duck? Let there be a reunion of all Disney characters during your gathering. It will also be a meeting of the old and new Disney characters.


Become inspired with the Phantom of the Opera. Dress up in coats and ties and elegant bowl gowns. Or dress up in cocktail dresses and pair it with a mask.


How about letting out the creativity in you by becoming a cosplayer? Let them recreate their favorite anime character with colorful hairs, make-ups, and costumes.

Have those plans and proposal ready. Don’t forget to have a checklist so you won’t forget a single detail for your Christmas party. Don’t also forget the Christmas presentations for every department including those fun games and prizes.

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Your party theme may not be that extravagant but it could be at least the one where everybody could enjoy.