Christmas: Understanding the Celebration of Love

Posted on Aug 24 2015 - 8:24am by Admin

Denver christmas eveChristmas may be one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year, but it is also a symbolic part of culture and faith. You decorate your home, attend several parties, finish your shopping list, and prepare meals for family gatherings.

It’s among the biggest religious celebrations in the world, but what is it really? And why do church services in Denver have Christmas Eve programs to honor this occasion?

 The History of Christmas

Christmas is a religious celebration made to remember the birth of Christ, but in reality, there’s no exact date of his birth in the Bible. If this is true, then why do people celebrate Christmas every 25th of December? Well, the celebration of Christmas started centuries back after the death of Christ in the Roman cultures. Roman Emperor Constantine was the first emperor to become Christian and decades later, Emperor Theodosius made the religion as the official religion of the state.

They chose December 25to Christianize the pagan practices during the Roman period, particularly the Saturnalia celebration where they observe lawlessness for a week from December 17 to 25. The Christians hoped to assimilate the Saturnalia from Birthday of the Unconquerable Sun to the sun of righteousness, which is referring to Christ.

 So, Why Do We Celebrate Christmas?

Apart from the history of Roman Christians, there are many other theories about Christmas. Many didn’t dwell on this, however, and simply focused on the message of the celebration. Regardless of the date and history of this celebration, the birth of Christ is about love for humankind. His birth is the start of God’s redemptive work on the human race. This is the greatest gift any human can receive.

Often times, people forget about the reason for this occasion—the birth of Christ. God sent Christ to become the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, so humans can connect back to God. This is why the celebration is all about love, hope, and salvation. His birth is the start of a journey back to God.