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Posted on Mar 9 2017 - 2:42pm by Admin

Man  getting his teeth checkedThe most important thing in life for you and your loved ones is your health. Though people spend a great deal of time on their bodily health, many are inclined to ignore their oral health. Forty-eight percent of people (Oral Health Foundation, 2016) are unhappy with their smile. So, why aren’t more people taking the steps to resolve their problems?

People are often put off by what it might entail, whether that is the treatment, the cost or the time. However, a quality cosmetic dentist like Blue Sky in Belfast, can dispel any myths and inform you properly as to what is available to you.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to help you achieve the bright white Hollywood style smile that we see so often on television and in films. A whiter smile has a flattering youth-giving effect. The treatment can be undertaken either ‘in-chair’ at the dental practice, or more frequently at home, after organising a customised kit with your dentist.

Power whitening

Power whitening is a completely safe, proven method of teeth whitening that has been available since 2007 in the UK. It uses an innovative lamp to activate the whitening gel to hygienically remove the staining on teeth effectively in just one single treatment lasting about an hour.

Power whitening uses a range of whitening gels that will be specifically matched to your teeth. During the consultation, you can discuss the results you are looking for before the whitening gel most appropriate to your needs is applied. The gel is also completely safe, hygienic and incredibly effective.

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Power whitening is only carried out by trained and certified teeth-whitening professionals. Unlike some other competitors, with power whitening at Blue Sky in Belfast, you have complete peace of mind because your treatment is carried out by a fully qualified dental professional.

Power whitening even offers a unique guarantee that your teeth will be noticeably whiter after just a one-hour treatment at the dentist.

Having the brighter whiter smile you have always wanted is now available to you, with a method that is both affordable and effective. It is not just for the rich and famous.