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Posted on Aug 7 2015 - 6:05am by Admin
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Shanghai is a popular destination for travelers from all places. The bustling streets and sumptuous grub — the everyday street food and exotic delicacies — keep people coming back for more. If you have a limited time, it might be a good idea to check the local attractions and explore unfrequented areas. shares some of the things you should not miss: Oriental Pearl Tower Most people travelling to Shanghai for 48 hours or more usually start their trip with the Orient Pearl Tower. This provides the perfect view of the...

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 11:14am by Admin
Comments Off on The Colorado River: A Paradise for Adventurers and Nature Lovers

The attendants of posh hotels can be a great source of information when you go to Colorado. And, they could be right when they say that your vacation won’t be complete without experiencing the rapids of the Colorado River. You may never regret visiting the “Centennial State”, as long as you pay the river due respects. It might not be the longest river in the U.S., but the Colorado River is still one of the best destinations to experience fun, adventure, and nature. You can find Colorado rafting trips for your group and experience...

Posted on May 11 2015 - 6:24am by Admin
Comments Off on Study Says Surgery Unavailable to 2/3 of Global Population

Safe and affordable surgical procedures are downright inaccessible for billions, says a new study. The figures show that two-thirds of the global population has no means and access to basic surgical care. As far as the history of estimates goes, this number is over 200% more than initial predictions. Specifics of the Study Millions of people die every year because of treatable conditions, including...