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Posted on Mar 27 2017 - 2:17pm by Admin
Comments Off on Dental Care For Babies: Things You Should Know

Many parents struggle with the process of keeping their children’s teeth in good condition, and it leads to many problems. These are some of the credible ways to ensure good oral health for toddlers and babies. A lot could go wrong as your child’s teeth develop, leading to a plethora of dental problems down the line. While some problems are easy to root out with the proper oral care routine, others require the intervention of a dentist. For many parents, having a kids' dentist in Millcreek is one way to ensure that...

Posted on Feb 23 2017 - 7:43am by Admin
Comments Off on Ditch the Brochure: How to Have Fun Like a Brisbane Local

For the locals, Brisbane is perhaps the best city there is especially when it comes to adventure and entertainment. With its sub-tropical climate and lively outdoor spaces mixed with an urban landscape, there are so much you can do and make the most of the friendly atmosphere. But if you truly want to experience the best the city can offer, don’t follow where the tourist go.  Here are some of the activities any true-blue Brisbanite would do when they’re on a night out or a short weekend adventure: See nature on two...

Posted on Jan 11 2017 - 1:00am by Admin
Comments Off on If Sugar is Bad, Then Why Did God Made It Taste So Good?

If there’s one thing that many people consume in excess on a daily basis, it’s sugar. Its ratio with other substances (carbohydrates, protein, etc.) is overwhelming, thanks to the inordinate amounts of added sugar in soft drinks and energy drinks. But, what makes sugar different from other harmful substances is people don’t mind consuming a lot of it. The per-person average of soda consumption is 600 12-ounce servings; young males are the biggest customers, with those in ages 12 to 29 taking in 160 gallons. It’s almost dizzying...

Posted on Jan 11 2017 - 1:00am by Admin
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If you want to become a chef, you can start honing your skills now. There are steps you can take so that you’ll be more than ready to run your kitchen when the time comes. Do you know why chefs become so good in cooking? It’s because they create absolutely great dishes using delectable sauces, chicken soup base, and other concoctions that aren’t...

Posted on Dec 5 2016 - 10:36am by Admin
Comments Off on The Battle of the Scents: Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

Many people confuse fragrance oils with essential oils mainly because of the common false practice of using the terms conversely. They don’t know that these two oils have different properties, are chemically different and are priced differently. Cost: Fragrance vs. Essential Oils Fragrance oils are made synthetically, which explains why it cost less and are available in wholesale compared to essential oils, says Rosy Rings. Manufacturers can come up with practically any aroma they want using fragrance oils, ranging from...

Posted on Nov 10 2016 - 1:00am by Admin
Comments Off on Science Explains: Teenage Impulsiveness

Teenagers don’t get a lot of breaks. They’re at a crossroads wherein their bodies are undergoing rapid changes. Adolescent brains are among the hardest-hit during this phase, which makes them largely prone to being impulsive. In turn, this often leads to poor decision-making which they tend to regret. Impulsiveness is what often gets troubled teens into...

Posted on Nov 9 2016 - 5:46am by Admin
Comments Off on A Non-Surgical Unmarking: The Process of Vein Ablation

It’s safe to say that for the topic of surgery, going under the knife is the least preferred option by most people. Much of today’s medicine relies on making a cut, and having a doctor good enough to repair whatever needs repairing inside. Of course, this aspect of the “getting well” process is not a thrilling one, even if anesthetics are already a given. People want to skip the scalpel wherever possible, and doctors seeking all opportunities to make it so, be it for cosmetic applications or otherwise. Physicians from

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 5:40am by Admin
Comments Off on Ibogaine Treatment for Fast Recovery from Drug Addiction

Unless you are deep into addiction, you are likely not to understand how hard it is to set oneself free. Addiction to drugs or alcohol ruins one‘s life and must be overcome by all means, for you to lead a meaningful life. Overcoming Addiction If you are in addiction, you must know that the only person who can help you overcome addiction is yourself. Living life with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not easy, and neither is finding the strength to overcome the very addiction. The decision to overcome addiction starts with seeking...

Posted on Sep 26 2016 - 7:25am by Admin
Comments Off on Ibogaine Treatment: Benefits and Why There Are No Ibogaine Clinics in USA?

Ibogaine is mostly known for its ability to remove withdrawal symptoms in alcohol and drug addicts. This natural substance is prohibited in the United States and several other countries, but some governments are embracing the treatment. For example, São Paulo and New Zealand have officially recognized the plant extract as a treatment. Although Vermont and New York are showing signs of following suit, there are still regulation hitches in the US. Is there justification in refusing the drug recognition? Ibogaine Works against...

Posted on Aug 27 2016 - 1:00am by Admin
Comments Off on Protect Your Mind and Body: Fighting and Coping with Stress

It is normal that you may feel defenseless and powerless when facing stress. A busy work schedule, demanding family responsibility, and bills you need to pay can take over your thoughts and emotions, making you feel your life is out of control.  When stress overwhelms your life, it’s time to take action. Stress management involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, being in control of the situation, and improving emotional and social relationships. Here are some ways to fight it: Get Moving While physical activity won’t...