Cashmere: From Mountains to Malls

Posted on May 17 2017 - 5:53am by Admin

CashmereAll premium products come from quality sources. Spain’s top-of-the-line Iberian ham comes from acorn-fed hogs. Likewise, cashmere is special for it is mainly from Mongolia.

Cashmere is wool often used for scarves, wraps, and ponchos. Described as soft and warm, it is one of the most expensive fibres in the world. This material is mostly taken from moulting Cashmere fibre goats from Mongolia.

Mongolian goats grow an undercoat in the cold winter months, letting them withstand harsh weather conditions. The area is also rich in local grasses that sustain and enhance hair growth. Fibre goat producers also give them soy milk, which is also good for growing hair.

These goats drink from natural streaming water and sleep on hay cots. Mineral supplements are also added to their diet. So they get all the minerals they need to grow healthy and luxurious.

Since these goats are fond of stripping off bark, cashmere producers give them protective covers, so the bark will not tangle in their fur. This is done especially in the last two months of hair growth. It goes a long way towards keeping them clean.

On Securing Food Availability

Producers take this tending further by ensuring that there is enough food available. Cherie Langlois writes from her interview with meat goat producers on a farm in River Fall: “Goats are voracious eaters that they’ll clean up pastures of their favourite plants– fast.”

What the meat producers do is “‘divide pasture into smaller blocks to focus on the animals in one area.” It allows for achieving the desired results before moving the animals to the next plot.

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The rotation should prevent overstocking enclosures, and so is the cropping of plants below three to four inches. When vegetations reach that level, a rest period from grazing is observed.

Health Benefits

A rest period helps plants recover faster. Taller grasses promote health benefits for these animals. Manure accumulates near ground level grasses. Thus, it prevents these animals from ingesting infective parasites. A related strategy that producers can use is to have elevated feeders for hay and grain and staple wire cages around plant bushes.

It is also eco-friendly, as it keeps soil from eroding. As producers put it: “They tend to have more forage when they do this.”

Cashmere is a top quality product known for exceptional softness, lightness, and warmth. As for caring for fibre goats, it starts in proper nourishment combined with proper management techniques. With skilled handlers, they bring out the quality of the fibre for making the cloth, scarves, and wraps.