Brightening Your Smile: Go with Your Dentist

Posted on Dec 27 2016 - 6:36am by Admin

Cosmetic Dentist in Highlands RanchWhen it comes to teeth whitening, nothing beats the result of a dentist-supervised procedure. This is much better than using whitening toothpaste or rinses, which are reported not effective for some people. Professional teeth whitening has a high success rate and is perfect for stains and discoloration caused by drinking coffee or tea, smoking, or old age.

Long-lasting Results

In most cases, the effect of whitening lasts between one and five years. This, however, will always depend on your hygiene and habits like smoking and drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol. If you engage in teeth-staining habits, the effects may be shorter and you will need to get a touch-up. The retreatment time is usually shorter than the original procedure.

Bleaching Systems

There are different types of bleaching systems to choose from. Teeth whitening experts in Highlands Ranch note that your dentists will determine which system would offer the best results for your situation. Laser bleaching is used for immediate teeth whitening. There is also at-home bleaching, which involves wearing a custom-made mouth guard with bleaching components.

Over-the-Counter Bleaching

Some also use over-the-counter systems to skip dental visits. While they are mostly safe, it is still best to check with your dentist before using the product. Some of these bleaching systems have lower levels of bleaching agents than those used in a dental office. They, furthermore, may not provide the result you desire and may need to be used longer.

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Have Realistic Expectations

It is hard to predict how much lighter or brighter your teeth will be. The results depend on the types of stain, bleaching system used, and the patient’s compliance. It is best to have realistic expectations and don’t overdo teeth whitening. See your dentist’s shade guide to know more about color improvements. Note that bleaching cannot brighten bonding and other artificial materials.

If you desire for a brighter smile, let a dentist supervise your treatment. Trying different whitening toothpaste is not practical, as it can only waste your money. Professional whitening it the safest and the most effective method of whitening a yellow or stained smile.