Braces Out of Rubber Bands: Never A Good Idea

Posted on Aug 13 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Cosmetic Dentistry in Louisville, KentuckyMore and more people are getting their teeth straightened these days. While some choose cosmetic surgery or orthodontics, others go down the path of makeshift braces.

In 2012, a video that had gone viral about a girl who showed people that you could get straight teeth by using rubber bands. At the breakout of this news, alarm bells probably went off in every orthodontic practice, even the ones in Louisville, Kentucky. American Family Orthodontics has more information on this.

The Obsession With Perfect Teeth

After makeup, cosmetic dentistry represents the largest nonsurgical beauty industry. More than health, people get these for the sake of aesthetics. The media influence the people’s perception of beauty and the standards these days include straight, white teeth.

Even a Kelton study pointed out that Americans consider teeth as the first thing they notice when they meet someone new. Around two-thirds of them are more likely to remember attractive features, which is probably why having a great smile is very important.

DIY Braces: Cheap But Painful

Have you been lurking on YouTube, searching for tutorials on how to do stuff? Then you might have encountered videos about “gap bands,” and these have caused an uproar amongst dental professionals for the hazards this DIY entails.

Young people have resorted to using rubber bands to straighten their teeth – makeshift braces – not knowing that these can cause permanent damage to their gums. They could even end up losing a tooth or two with this procedure.

Yes, orthodontics can be a bit pricey, but the damages done by these “gap bands” will cost more if these are too severe. You may need oral surgery to correct them.

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It is great that you will be able to move your teeth with these rubber bands. But, when you move a tooth, its color might change because there is a possibility that you might be damaging the blood supply. Additional risks involve root damage and bone loss.

Want straight teeth? Consult a dental professional and ask if orthodontics will work for you. Never try to do this by yourself, as its can pose many hazards that would only worsen the state of your teeth. Damages can range from mild to severe, which may even require surgery.