Beauty 101: Fruits and Vegetables Found in Skincare Products

Posted on Jun 15 2017 - 5:14pm by Admin

Woman behind the skincare productsSkincare is essential, especially upon reaching the age of 20. Apart from preventing early signs of aging, knowing how to care for your skin properly makes you glow and more confident as well. When shopping for skincare products, it is ideal to reach for items that use natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Below are five of the most common.


Rich in ascorbic acid, cucumbers are famous for lightening dark circles under the eyes. However, this vegetable provides more than brightening as it is also good for tightening the skin. Best-selling face masks and moisturizers usually have this ingredient as more scientists back up the vegetable’s effectiveness.


Avocado is not only great for toasts and salads but your skin as well. The fruit contains vitamins A and C, which can help remove blemishes and fight acne. It’s also ideal for extreme cases of dry skin because it contains high amounts of vitamin E. Look for an avocado hand lotion from Olivu426 or topical cream that can solve your skin dilemma.


Watermelon is 92 percent water, so it’s naturally perfect for dry and sun-exposed skin. The seed oil of this hydrating fruit protects and rejuvenates the skin for a brighter and younger-looking glow. It’s also high in linoleic acid, allowing it to penetrate faster through the many layers of the skin.


Knowing all the spinach, he consumes, it’s no wonder why Popeye is strong and elastic. Packed with beta-carotene and lutein, spinach improves skin elasticity, prevents inflammation, reduces wrinkles, and lightens sun-damaged skin. You can find this vegetable in organic moisturizers and night creams.

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As parents say, “always eat your fruits and veggies.” The practice is a must, especially when you’ve reached adulthood. However, it’s also the time you embrace the benefits that fruits and vegetables can provide to your skin for a healthier and younger-looking glow.