A Self-Defense Guide for Women

Posted on Aug 15 2015 - 5:06am by Admin

Self-Defense for WomenHere’s a thought: What if the things we do everyday actually expose us to danger? Routine, they say, is a predator’s best friend.

Women become easy prey to kidnappers and other criminals due to the belief that they are the weaker sex. The most common crimes against women include physical and sexual assault because of the assumption that women are passive.

Safety should always be an important concern and women should always be prepared should an attack happen.

Stay informed

There are many ways to inform and update your safety skills and knowledge. Enroll in a martial arts class or read books that give you tips on how to fight back when an attacker comes after you.

Some companies have a workplace violence prevention training program for their employees.  Aurorpictures.com recommends taking awareness seminars seriously because they provide helpful insights and recommendations. Sometimes, videos are used to help employees understand risks and techniques to fight back. Make sure you do not miss these events; professionals give advice on what you should do when compromised.

Presence of mind

Having presence of mind and a keen awareness of what is around you can save you when there is danger. Lack of awareness can be dangerous. It might take more time to check your surroundings, but in the end it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are by yourself at night, always have your mobile phone in your hand or within reach.  Also, save on speed dial a number you can call immediately should something go wrong.

Vigilance is key

Social media has become an important tool for criminals. They no longer need to stalk your home or office for a long time if they can get information on your whereabouts. Don’t post your plans for everyone to see. There might be people waiting for the right time to attack or take advantage.

Women tend to be emotional and sympathetic and predators know how to use this to their advantage. Most attackers will try to look weak and ask for help from women, then they attack the one who believes them and tries to help them.

Don’t let attackers get the best of you. Arm yourself with the right knowledge and skills to combat criminals if the need arises. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself.