A Guide to TMJ Disorder: Common Myths Debunked

Posted on Mar 13 2016 - 2:04pm by Admin

TMJ Disorder in Northern IndianaDo you feel uncomfortable opening and closing your mouth or chewing food? Is there chronic pain in your neck and jaw? You should not ignore such conditions. For all you know, you might be suffering from TMJ disorder and might need various treatments. There are reliable dental clinics in town that offer non-surgical therapies and treatments for facial pain and other health concerns. Feel free to come and visit them. If you think you have TMJ disorder, you must educate yourself about this condition. 

Here are some misconceptions you should watch out for: 

It has only one cause

Professionals can’t tell the exact cause of the disorder, but they often attribute it to trauma to the face, injury to the jaw, misaligned bite and arthritis. This make it hard to treat the disorder, as there are various possible causes that you need to deal with to bring back the normal function of the affected joint.

It won’t damage your jaw even if it’s painful

Apart from your jaw, health care professional TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Northern Indiana shares that you might experience pain in other parts of your body like head and ear. In severe cases, patients can also lose their teeth.

The disorder is not real

Before, many believed that emotional stress, tension, and anxiety cause the chronic pain in the head, neck, and face. But the truth is, the discomfort is due to damaged muscles and joints in the jaw. The pressure from the injury is undeniably real and painful.

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Only surgery can treat TMJ disorder

Physical therapies and anti-inflammatory drugs may ease the pain and discomfort, and treat the condition as well. Bite re-alignment and stretches for the muscles surrounding the jaw can also help. Surgery becomes an option only in severe cases.

Patients are used to the pain

The pain is so prominent that no patient would ever be used to it. But, pain relievers may help a lot, especially in the healing phase.

Never ignore any pain and discomfort that you experience in any part of your body. Deal with the condition right away and determine the root causes. It’s also best to get some professional help to prevent serious complications.