5 Techniques to Keep that Flawless Smile

Posted on Jun 9 2016 - 1:02pm by Admin

Little girl brushing teethKnowing how powerful your smile is, you’re probably wondering whether there are ways to keep it that way forever. Well, there is, but it would require you to be more responsible with your health. You’ll have to follow these 5 pro tips to maintaining a perfect set of teeth.

Brush your teeth more than once a day.

Yes, this is a must if it's not in your future plans to be fitted with dental implants. North London is well-stocked with toothbrushes and all sorts of toothpaste, so scarcity is not a good excuse to not have these around. The preferred duration is 5 minutes, and if you can’t do it after every meal, you should at least do it twice a day.

Floss after brushing your teeth.

Simply brushing your teeth after a meal is not good enough. Food can get lodged between teeth, and you'll never notice them decaying in there until it's too late.

Have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year.

Doing this will not only save you money; it’ll make it easier for your dentist to spot and prevent tooth decay and bacteria build-up.

Be mindful of what you eat.

Hard and crunchy food, for example, is abrasive. Also, some ingredients, like salt and pepper, add damage and might discolour teeth. Still, you shouldn't avoid them completely. Just lessen their percentage on your diet and make up for the difference with calcium-rich food.

Stop smoking.

Sure, cigarette smoking relieves stress, but do you know that it's bad not just for the lungs, but for every part of the body it touches? Yes, and that's especially true with your mouth. Nicotine and all the harmful elements that are present in tobacco smoke bombard the first line of defence on their way to the lungs – your teeth and gums.

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Ensuring that your smile stays flawless for decades isn’t impossible, but it’s going to be challenging. Surely, your discipline will be constantly tested.