5 Tactics to Save Big on Your New Swimming Pool

Posted on Jun 7 2017 - 9:54am by Admin

Swimming PoolA swimming pool is a home addition that can transform your entire property’s appearance and boost its value. If you’ve been considering building a pool in your yard, there are many ways you can do so without breaking the bank. Here are some suggestions:

Shop around for a cheaper contractor

An extremely low price should never be the most important factor when looking for a swimming pool contractor in Salt Lake, it’s still wise to compare the rates of different builders. The more contractors you talk to, the higher the chances of finding one who fits your budget (and don't seem sketchy).

Time your project smartly

Pool builders are busiest during the summer and spring. To save up on your project, hire a contractor during the off-season since this is the time they’re likely to charge you much less. You could build in the winter, for instance.

Buy your own pool kit

Building a pool is not as difficult as many people think. With a pool kit, it is something you can do yourself. Even if you don’t feel competent enough to do the project successfully, you can still buy the kit and hire someone to do it for you. Of course, this is only when you're confident enough to DIY.

Choose a smaller size

The size of your pool will determine how much you need to pay for labor and material. To keep your expenses low, go with a smaller size. With years, you’ll come to appreciate owning a small pool as it is easier to maintain as well.

Consider a semi in-ground or aboveground pool

If the cost of constructing an in-ground pool is higher than you can afford, you may want to consider other more affordable options. A semi in-ground pool will offer the similar advantages of an in-ground pool while costing less. You could also get an above ground pool, which is even less costly.

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You can build a swimming pool without going insane over the costs. Whether you’re doing the project yourself or working with a specialist, look for simple ways to slash your expenses without sacrificing quality.