5 Reasons Adults Are Increasingly Seeking Orthodontic Care

Posted on Dec 8 2016 - 1:00am by Admin

Orthodontic CareOrthodontic care was once considered just for teens. Not anymore. Today, orthodontic patients are getting older. In fact, according to the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, about 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are now adults.

Here’s why adults are increasingly considering wearing orthodontic appliances:

  1. Adults are tired of living trying to hide their teeth

Some adult patients have endured many years of trying to hide their teeth or feeling insecure about their smile and bite. Although many such individuals knew that orthodontic appliances could help fix their smile and bite, they usually were concerned about what people could say about an adult wearing braces. These people now feel it’s time to get their smile on track.

  1. Advances in orthodontic technology

Advances in orthodontia have among other things, shortened the length of treatment and lengthened the amount of time between appointments. Consequently, adult patients can now receive orthodontic treatment that complements their lifestyles. They can also enjoy orthodontic care that is compatible with both their professional needs and social lives.

  1. A wide variety of innovative orthodontic treatment options

Adults who once felt too old for orthodontics are thrilled to learn about today’s wide variety of treatment options that makes the process of orthodontic care barely noticeable. Such patients can now choose a bespoke orthodontic treatment that improves both their smile and oral health.

  1. Growing understanding about the social and economic value of smiling

Researchers have found that smiling has a remarkable impact on social and economic transactions. Many adults now appreciate that a post-orthodontic smile offers a new confidence that can improve their professional and personal lives. The benefits of a perfect smile far exceed any concerns these patients may have had.

  1. Dental insurance that includes orthodontic benefits

The American Association of Orthodontists 2012’s “The Economics of Orthodontics” survey, established that 56% of new orthodontic patients had dental insurance that included orthodontic benefits.

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Such insurance could be contributing to the increase in the number of adults seeking treatment.

Modern orthodontics give patients numerous options than ever to change their teeth and fix their smile. It’s no wonder then that orthodontics appliances are becoming more and more popular among adults. Today, no one may be too old for orthodontics.