4 Reasons Why You Need to Smile Right Now

Posted on Jun 8 2016 - 9:36am by Admin

Girl SmilingGreeting a friend with a smile is a way to wish him a good day without the need to say anything at all. With a smile, you're not only passing along good will, you're also giving yourself something in return.

Here are the things you get back when you give others a smile.

1. Happiness

To feel better about yourself, cosmetic dentistry might be a popular place to get your smile fixed, but you don't really need surgery to be happier. All you need is the confidence to flash someone a toothy grin. Your muscles will trigger your brain to release endorphins, also known as happy hormones, and you'll soon find yourself more relaxed than before you smiled.

2. Less Stress

Not just because of happy hormones, but also because of reduced cortisol, the stress hormone. When you smile, your cortisol level goes down, and the negative feelings associated with it (like stress and anxiety) are reduced as well. In short, smiling doesn't just make you happy, it also makes you less stressed. If that isn't something to smile about, then nothing is.

3. More Friends

Smiling, like laughing, is contagious. When you smile, people automatically smile back – whether out of politeness or because they’re sincerely happy to see you. Whatever anyone's reason for smiling is, you have to admit that the end result is positivity for everyone. The good vibe given off attracts people and makes them more interested in becoming friends. Imagine that. With just a smile, you give yourself popularity points.

4. Prettier Face

No, smiling isn't plastic surgery. It certainly won't change your bone structure if you're not confident about it. What a smile does is, it makes your eyes light up, your cheeks look fuller, and your blood circulate. You can certainly use dental implants for accentuate your face, Loughton's Broadway Dental Clinic states, but you have to admit, nothing is prettier than someone who looks happy, no matter how gummy or toothy the grin.

So, what are you waiting for? Start smiling now and enjoy all these perks – and maybe more.

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