3 Reasons Water Parks are Great for Kids

Posted on Jul 18 2017 - 12:48am by Admin

Cute Girl Playing in the Water ParkThere are lots of amusement parks in New Jersey for kids and adults to enjoy. And while many of them are great places to spend a weekend, let’s not forget about all of the water parks as well. There has been news recently about the health benefits of water play for kids, especially toddlers.

Casinopiernj.com shares the top reasons to visit water parks with your kids:

It Beats the Heat

Going to water parks is a great way to beat the heat in New Jersey, especially during the summer months. The water helps keep you and your kids cool under the sun, and swimming is generally a relaxing experience for the whole family. Just make sure you put on sufficient sunscreen and stay hydrated.

Water Play Promotes Social and Emotional Development

Playing in the water is therapeutic even for adults. It makes people feel relaxed. And for children, the calming exercise improves their social and emotional development. The continuous splashing and swooshing of the water can even help them concentrate and collect their thoughts.

Playing in the Water Prevents Aquaphobia

In the US, about 19.2 million adults have aquaphobia or fear of water. This is why many parents opt to enroll their kids in swimming classes at an early age, to prevent the development of this type of phobia.

Water play allows your kids to be comfortable with water, especially when done in swimming pools, water parks, beaches, and other fun-filled bodies of water. It also teaches them safety in the water, which can be a life-long benefit.

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If you’re looking for a great way to spend time with your kids, take them to one of the famous water parks in New Jersey. As a parent, you can also enjoy the great benefits of joining in on the fun.