3 Reasons to Get Duvets This Year

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 3:00am by Admin

Comfy rolled white DuvetThere are many duvets and duvet cover sets on sale online. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors that you will be spoiled for choice. So there’s no reason not to get one or two. But are they worth it? Here are three reasons why they make good investments for a more comfortable and luxurious bedroom.

You can use them all year round

Duvets came from Europe and were quite popular because the down feathers used in making them were excellent thermal insulators. But what’s good is that you can still use them all-year round, even during the warmer months, because they’re not as thick as comforters. And since you can easily switch duvet covers, you’ll have no problems finding cover designs that match your seasonal upgrades.

You can easily wash them

Comforters are nice, comfy, and all but they’re so puffy and bulky that washing them can be quite, well, a chore. Moreover, comforters only make one piece of your entire bed set, so you still need to wash the matching sheets and bedclothes. But with duvets, you can easily remove the covers and clean them as you would regular sheets.

You don’t have to make the bed if you don’t want to

One of the top benefits of getting a duvet instead of a comforter is that you don’t have to make the bed if you’re too lazy to do it in the morning. As mentioned above, comforters only make one piece of your bed. But duvets, you can simply adjust the edges and voila, bed made with zero effort.

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Duvets and comforters can make your bedroom more luxurious, but if you don’t want the added chores the latter could bring, go for duvets instead. This way, you get the comfort you need without the need to extra too much effort just to keep up appearances.